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When you give us you're attention, we want you to have fun with our creations.
Our job is to make you forget the sense of time, and connect you with joy.

Together retro!

Classic games in you're living room.

Gaming has totally evolved to incredible and almost real-life like graphics and interactive choices, some individuals prefer, once in a while, to get the jolt of excitement from classic arcade games. And like all things old-school, our games are played with reverence.

Why us?

What drives us

We build fun Apps to take people’s minds off of the drudgery, mundane and repetitive tasks of everyday life. We want people to enjoy their time together when they connect with us.

In today's life where everythings is about "new " we appreciate "old " and history. Our mission is to keep alive classic games gems.

The video game industry has shown us decades of art and innovation. It is easy to get lost, Funplots vets for you a collection of classic games to enjoy alone or with your family. 

We want you to be able to spend time with the games that are fulfilling instead of getting overwhelmed.  

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Why now?

Plug & Play!

Re-connect with old school games.
We want legendary games to keep alive.  Revive childhood with our games and share the fun.

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This hangman game is just like the ones I played when I was in grade school, only more challenging. I love it.  

Sandra Brown
World Sensei Player

“Always a good time killer when you need to kill some time ( waiting for your food delivery) I'm a card-playing fool so any card game is great to play. I especially love Scorpio Solitaire.”

Jason Kazarian
Scorpion Solitaire Player

“I enjoy this Solitarie game very much, some days too much, and don't get housework done. LOL”

Amy Mock
Scorpion Solitaire Player

“This PONG game is the SAME GREAT GAME! I used to play it with my friends in bars back then now I play it at home with my son. it is Challenging and Old School fun!”

Sam Creedon
Pongoal Player

“My 9-year-old loves playing this kind of game he has spent hours on this one. I think is an excellent brain teaser. ”

Steven Garret
Black Out! Player

“Grandkids love it. A good way to help them spell. I love it too. It's fun.We played this on Tv and had a great time, young and old. Good family and party game.”

David Sultan
World Sensei Player


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