About us

A short & personal Story…

It was back in October 2019, we noticed a trend of consumption around online TV. So, we said: “Hey, why not to bring our ideas & projects to this new distribution channel, that has been in people life for years, let’s bring our own Apps to TV for free.”
Our mission is bringing friends & families back together, regardless of where they may be, to play their favorite games, watch entertaining content, and learn from their favorite stories.

We are geeks

Our background comes from 2 different companies: Coding gamer geeks and Data experts.

After more than 1000 coffees, 20 music playlist and many hours in zoom meetings we decided to join forces and bring to life a new OTT gaming experience, Funplots.com

Code Geeks

Talented and passionate App developers.

Five years of experience on roku smart tv application development , having hands-on experience on the new SDK roku " SCENEGRAPH ". We have built over 40+ROKU apps which are live on the roku store . And also having a team of professionals having experience in CTV apps development , like Android, FireTv, Apple TV and HTML based web apps . Having the best in class knowledge on CTV apps design flow and also giving ideology for SVOD , TVOD and AVOD monetization implementation.

Data Experts

On the other side data-driven & Ad monetization professionals. Experience and understanding of the programmatic ecosystem. Our challenge is to keep our users engage without distrubing their experience.

Match the best and most relevant Ad for each individual.

Our objective is to provide a brand-safe, TV- experience offering effective engagement – unskippable and 100% viewable, with contextual targeting.

Barbara Smith

Account Manager

Andrew Solarz

Operations Executive

Alit Bitan

Lead Designer

Joaquin Tafur

Full Stack Engineer

We live to create

Great stories build relationships and make people care. At the end of the day, in life, business, in society those two things make all the difference.
We want our users to have the best experience playing & entertaining with our Apps.
We want to bring back the sense of connectedness, to encourage and challenge creativity within our team & contributors.