Why now

According to source: Comscore Releases 2020 ‘State of OTT’

102 Hours per month

69.8M homes used OTT in April 2020, an increase of 5.2M homes compared to April 2019.

The average of OTT content consumption increase 17 hrs per month compare to 2019


People will no longer watch traditional pay TV by 2022

Half of US adults over 18 use at least one OTT service. The largest consumers of OTT services are Millennials and Generation Z. And it definitely shouldn’t be surprising to see dropping viewing time of traditional TV, especially among these age groups. In general, women and men tend to be equal in viewership, but women slightly have the upper hand.



Roku will have 47% CTV users

Roku users will make up 32.9% of US internet users and 46.9% of CTV users in 2020.

Source: E-marketer

33% of Ads on CTV

33% of all TV advertising in 2020 will be on CTV. Ad dollars continue moving here as inventory climbs.

Source: E-marketer

OTT revenues will reach $123 billion by 2023.

Source: Tvtech.

"Roku platform added 2.9 million incremental active accounts in Q1 2020 to reach 39.8 million, and streaming time increased by 1.6 billion hours over the same period to a record 13.2 billion".

By Laurence Mifsud,

Director, Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT)